How to register

How to register

To register on-line all you need to do is select the workshop of interest to you from the calendar and then follow the prompts to gain access to our online portal for registering for events.  Once you are logged on this will also provide you with a place that will keep a record of what you are enrolled in, what you have attended and you can modify your registrations here as well.

We run workshops across the country, throughout the year. Take a look at the here to find a workshop near you.

For more information please feel free to contact Jo Parker with any questions. Please don't hesitate to pick up the phone if you experience any difficulties in logging onto our portal.

All of our workshops rely on sufficient registrations of interest to be received in order to proceed. Please note that your registration once submitted is not automatically a guarantee that you will be confirmed to attend this workshop.  A confirmation email will be sent once our minimum numbers have been met and the workshop is confirmed to proceed.  Please do not make any travel arrangements until you are confirmed to attend this workshop.

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