China 101 - Partnerships with Asia

China 101 - Partnerships with Asia

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This development video is now available on-demand on our EquiPTV platform.

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EquiP's Partnerships with Asia on-demand development video is part of our Partnership Series and China 101 Series, and will serve to deepen your understanding of the key concepts that you need to be aware of when establishing relationships towards Asia and China in particular, as well as explaining the benefits of such a partnership.  Whether you attended EquiP's induction workshops or not, this webinar should prove to be an invaluable resource. 


China 101's Partnerships with Asia development video will focus on some key concepts that you need to be aware of when establishing relationships towards Asia and China in particular, such as:

  • Guanxi, i.e. relationships;
  • Mianzi, i.e. 'face' (sense of dignity or prestige); and
  • Renqing, i.e. obligation or favour. 

Learning outcomes

After the development video you will be able to:

  • describe the concepts of Guanxi, Mianzi and Renqing;
  • explain key differences between Northern and Southern Chinese, Hong Kong and Taiwanese people; and
  • describe several of the largest stumbling points when building relationships with East Asian business partners, as well as strategies to avoid them.

About the presenter

Simon Appleton, CEO, Eastern Bridge

Simon grew up in regional New Zealand before moving to Asia.  He has lived in China and South Korea for almost a decade where he has worked in both the Education and Media industries.  Simon studied a Masters of Chinese Law from Renmin University before moving to the Bay of Plenty to work for the Opotiki District Council as their Economic Development Officer.  During this time he provided language and international relations support to other councils and economic development agencies.

In 2010, Simon established Eastern Bridge to provide councils with a cost-efficient and professional alternative to establishing their own international relations department.  Simon speaks Mandarin Chinese and Korean.

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