Resources for Governance

Resources for Governance

LGNZ Recommended Resources

Resources and recommendations supplied by Local Government New Zealand

Resources for Council-Maori Engagement

The Local Government Act 2002 (LGA) requires councils to consider and promote the current and future wellbeing of communities.  It also introduced new responsibilities and opportunities for engagement and cooperation between councils and Māori.  

Since 2002, LGNZ has prepared a number of resources to assist councils to help build stronger relationships between councils and Iwi, Hapu and Māori groups to support community wellbeing.

Local Government Skills Matrix

The Local Government Skills Matrix enables elected members to understand their aspirations and the specific areas they need to focus on developing. It then goes on to provide options for learning solutions and different learning mediums to help them excel in their targeted areas.

Induction Resources

These resources have been gathered to complement the learning you've gained from EquiP's 2016 induction workshops. 

Mayors Contact List

A contact list for all the mayors across New Zealand. 

Please contact the EquiP team for further information on 04 924 1200 or email 

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