Mena Antonio

Mena Antonio

Mena Antonio

Mena advises and coaches leaders and teams to make good decisions.

She has also worked actively in the local government space for years in the capacity of reporting to full council boards or working in community-led development projects from governance to community level. 

Mena has lived experience of local government elections as she has campaigned in five local elections, in the Masterton community trust listing. Currently, she holds positions of chair and deputy chair throughout the Trust House Group and sits on the Finance, Risk & Remuneration committee of the Caritas Aotearoa NZ board.

Her qualifications include:

  • Chartered Member of Institute of Directors NZ;
  • a trained Facilitator of Zenergy Global;
  • qualified as a Solicitor, and;
  • runs her own advisory and coaching business in leadership development and governance for clients in-country and overseas.

Her specialty areas are:

  • diverse leadership;
  • moving from hard communications to good decisions, and; 
  • co-creating the right team culture and strategy to achieve impactful outcomes.

Mena is married, with two daughters, and lives on a lifestyle block in rural Wairarapa.

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