• Jen Tyson

    Jen Tyson

    Jen Tyson, Performance and communications consultant, Realm Consulting

    With a degree in business management, majoring in Transformation and change and a long history of working with managers, and leaders, from a wider range of sectors and in various areas of communication, Jen is most passionate and skilled at facilitating learning, discovery and change for individuals and groups. Dynamic and wise, she invites people to go on a journey of discovering the deeper truths underlying surface symptoms and issues, ultimately leading towards sustainable positive change and new possibilities. She is brilliant at teaching people how to communicate better and help managers, leaders and business owners learn how to positively influence and inspire high performing teams and individuals.

    “I love to get people switched on to the possibility of change, to help them develop new thinking habits and to watch them connect to the pleasure of new behaviours. My engaging and practical style creates a fun, dynamic and real learning experience that cements new skills. I help people to have happier, more meaningful lives both at work and in their personal lives, because the principles of powerful communication can be applied everywhere.”