Associates & Facilitators


EquiP has commissioned best of breed experts to work closely with councils to improve performance in key areas.

Sue Wells

Pamela Peters 

Philip Jones

Chris Olsen

Dr Roger Blakeley

Paul Glennie


EquiP facilitators are well-known leaders in their professions, areas of expertise and regional communities because they are people who have a proven record for getting things done.  Every workshop has a facilitator with direct experience of local government – either on the political or administrative side of the fence.  They also bring well-practiced presentation and facilitation skills.

Dr Steven Finlay


Sue Wells 

(Elected member + community board governance + RMA)

Philip Jones

(Financial governance)

Brendan J Duffy JP

(Code of conduct)

Michael Brown

(Presentation skills)

Pete Burdon

(Media & emergency communication skills)

Laurie Gabites

(District Licensing Committees)

Jo Brosnahan

(Governance and leadership)

Paul Beverley

(Treaty settlements)

Bonita Bigham

(Understanding Te Ao Maori)

Riki Ellison

(Understanding Te Ao Maori)

Andrew Stevenson

(Public consultation)

Jen Tyson

(Communication and engagement)

Please contact the EquiP team for further information on 04 924 1200 or email 

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Introducing Sue Wells - EquiP Associate