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Welcome to DLC Resources. Here you'll find a collection of resources and initiatives that DLCs around the country have developed that may help you achieve efficiency and effectiveness for your District Licensing Committee.


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Here are some resources that the Wellington DLC has developed over the past three years. DLCs are free to use/adapt these to local purposes as you see fit.

Competency Guidance for DLC Members

This document provides guidance to territorial authorities on the competencies needed by members of District Licensing Committees (DLC). The guidance is high-level and is intended to assist territorial authorities in:

  • the selection and appointment of DLC members; 
  • establishing DLCs, regardless of the size of the organisation or the number of licensing applications; and
  • tailoring the DLC selection process to fit local circumstances.

Practice Direction: pre-exchange of documents

This practice direction about pre-hearing disclosure of documents is designed to help with the smooth and efficient running of public hearings, to ensure the parties have a reasonable and fair opportunity to prepare. The direction sets general timeframes for pre-exchange of evidence and notes that the parties might also wish to pre-exchange written submissions.

Practice Direction: section 103 opposition reports

This practice direction set out DLC expectations for reports from the Police, Medical Officer of Health and Licensing Inspectors, including around reporting timelines and the minimum requirements of the officer’s report in opposition. 

The Wellington DLC also offered some guidance around agency negotiations with applicants in its decision in Kamer Holdings (see pages 8-11).


The following are some practices & initiatives the Wellington DLC has found helpful. You might like to send in some of your own local initiatives/ideas that have worked well so we can share them with other DLCs on this page.

Online public notice service

Like a number of other DLCs around the country, the Wellington DLC offers customers an online public notification service. This is partly to reduce the number of errors in notices and the need for s208 waivers and also to help members of the public find all current licence notices in one place. The online public notices are a cheaper alternative to newspaper advertising for applicants.

Annual ‘AGM’

The Wellington DLC gets together, with their committee advisors and admin staff, once a year for an ‘AGM’. This is good chance to discuss things like case law developments, processes & procedures (and how these can be improved), resourcing requirements, and the latest research around alcohol-related harm etc. It is also helpful in terms of team building among the Committee members.

Night time visits

If your DLC is interested in seeing how licensed premises operate in practice, as well as going on site visits for particular applications, they might like to have a guided night time site visit. The Wellington DLC recently went out with the Council’s Local Hosts to get some first-hand knowledge of the alcohol-related night time realities in the city.

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