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EquiP is committed to working alongside councils to provide sector benefit. The 'Resources' section represents the first level of EquiP Professional Development support, which is to inform. 

There are five levels of EquiP Professional Development support.


Identification and recall of key information. 

A selection of ‘EquiP chats’, offering various suggestions from a range of leading subject matter experts from inside and outside the sector.  These informative think pieces, as well as other resources, are provided free of charge, the learner selects what they need.


Organisation and selection of key ideas.

Live Webinars and on-demand webinars, as well as online learning modules with identified learning outcomes and focused information to suit.


Transfer key ideas to council performance.

Workshops – both learning and facilitated discussion. These workshops end in action plans for change.


Review and improve current situation to better serve the future.

Customised products, presented in partnership with EquiP Consultancy, including coaching and mentoring, council reviews (including the AskYourTeam programme), strategic reflection and planning for change, facilitated discussion workshops, and specific professional development training plans.


Councils are self-reliant.

A range of EquiP support and activities to empower councils to review, develop and manage their own training plans to achieve full competency. 

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