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April Edition - Introduction to EquiP Team & Strategy

May Edition - Equip’s Audit & Risk Forum + Executive Performance Programme

June Edition - Elected Member Induction + Asia-Ready with Eastern Bridge

July Edition - Adult Learning + AskYourTeam

August Edition - Freedom Camping + EquiP Services

September Edition - Post-election inductions + EquiP Procurement Review

October Edition - Elected Member Induction Programme + The Importance of Induction

November Edition - EquiP’s Webinar Series + Webinar Series Topics

December Edition - The Better we Buy, the Better we Serve + EquiP Procurement Review


February Edition - Adult Learners

March Edition - The EquiP MediaView Platform + EquiP Procurement Review

May Edition - Governance and Leadership + Executive Performance + Appointing leadership

June Edition - LED Lighting Package + GROW Webinars  + Six months in – Reflect and review

July Edition - Media interview skills + Tourism Infrastructure Fund

August Edition - EquiPTV + Supporting Effective Community Engagement

September Edition - The Development of Professionals + The Collaborative Council Approach

October Edition - Building Your Effectiveness + EquiP's Council Strategy Workshop

November Edition - What Training Option is Best for You? + China and the Importance of Guanxi

December Edition - The Better we Buy, the Better we Serve + EquiP Procurement Review


February Edition - Learning in stages + Executive Performance + Service Level Review

March Edition - Media Interview Skills + Council Strategy Workshop

April Edition - Effective Governance Culture + ArcBlue 

May Edition - CCO Governance

June Edition - Skills Matrix Workshop + Climate Change Series

July Edition - Executive Performance Programme + Let's Talk Procurement

August Edition - Building Governance Maturity + Future Achievement Starts with a Plan

September Edition - Climate Change and Infrastructure + Are You Ready for Climate Change? 

November Edition - Building Capability + Responding to CouncilMARK ratings

December Edition - Is procurement enabling positive outcomes in your council?


February Edition - Future Achievement + Skills Matrix

March Edition -  Development of Professionals + Building Governance Maturity

April Edition - The state of CouncilMARK™ + Preparing for the election and beyond

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