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Dot Loves Data is working in partnership with LGNZ to provide territorial authorities with relevant and timely information about the performance of their communities.  We have built a suite of interactive and dynamic dashboards that provide monthly, aggregated data on how your community is performing and changing over time.

This information is particularly relevant following COVID-19 because our communities will change significantly. To make good decisions you will need monthly information about your community’s economic performance, business resilience, unemployment levels, benefit levels, crime, gambling and housing.

We will provide you up to date insights via beautifully simple formats, making information accessible and easily consumable for the user.

Why use DotDotDash?

DotDotDash helps you get the information and data you need, to service the needs of your constituents or customers. The dynamic nature of the data allows users to make appropriate interventions at the right time and place, and accurately measure their success. It is regularly updated, easy to navigate and easy to digest with the ability to look back in time to compare interventions.

DOT Dashboards

The DOT Dashboard family is ever-growing, with more to be added soon! If you're interested in a specific dashboard click on it to skip straight to more information. If you want to see a dashboard in action, hit the button below. Otherwise, feel free to continue through and learn about them all.

Find out more on DOT Dashboards with this interactive PDF
Socio-Economic Deprivation

The only tool that measures socio-economic deprivation in your community on a monthly basis. We measure down to the suburban level in every territorial authority and track 34 variables such as consumer payments, benefits, unemployment, household income, housing affordability and education so you have a full picture of your community.


Visualises and tracks the level of gambling spend in each community across New Zealand on a quarterly basis and the distribution of gambling proceeds.


Visualises your community’s crime statistics relative to the rest of New Zealand and where those crimes are occurring. This tool allows you to track interventions for effective crime prevention in your community..


Visualises recipients of government benefits for Job Seeker Support, Means-tested benefits, and Unemployment Benefits within your community. We refresh data each quarter and measure it down to the suburban level so you get the full picture of how each local community is performing.


Monitors housing quality in every community across New Zealand annually in terms of affordability, tenure, safety, overcrowding and home health.


A series of dashboards which investigate the level of risk in each community using the following indicators: Spread of COVID-19 internationally and in New Zealand, Transmission Risk, Vulnerability Risk, Economic Hardship Risk, Business Financial Impact and Business Resilience.


Tracks education attainment within communities across New Zealand annually with an overall education and skills score based on key education sub-domains.

Bespoke Dashboards

After something more unique? Dot can create dashboards to visualise your data or integrate client data into our existing products to make the information more relevant.

DotDotDash in action

Curious to see exactly what a Dot Dashboard looks like and how it works? Try our free 14-day trial!

On-going subscriptions are available which allow for three licences per subscription. As part of our partnership with Dot, we have negotiated for smaller councils to partner in groups of threes to share licences and reduce the cost. Please contact us if you would like a quote to secure a subscription and/or to express your interest in sharing a licence.

Subscriptions start at $1,750+gst per month for the pandemic dashboards, and $3,000+gst per month for the full DotDotDash suite of dashboards (both options include 3 licences).  

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