Service Level Review

Councils and their leadership teams oversee activities that impact communities in both short- and long-term ways.  

EQUIP has designed a Customer Service Level Review programme that will provide councillors, chairs, and mayors with an external health check to examine whether their council is operating to standards of best practice in critical areas of activity and whether opportunities for development and improvement are being fully realised.

EQUIP’s Customer Service Level Review offering

A key part of the offering is to assess current areas of customer-facing activity to identify strengths and support continuous improvement processes.  

Working with proven principles, processes, and methods, EQUIP has commissioned best of breed experts to assess how well you are serving your internal and external stakeholders in areas such as:

  • executive and leadership team;
  • financial, including audit and risk; 
  • regulatory, including building control;
  • engineering, including roading and other infrastructure planning and activity;
  • corporate services;
  • HR and organisational development;
  • customer service;
  • dispute resolution services; and 
  • economic development.   

Once complete, our Customer Service Level Review will provide:

  • an external assessment of strengths and existing good practice within and across each delivery area, and as a council;
  • new opportunities for improvement; and
  • new ways to engage and support your staff to implement improvements.

Excellence in Council functions and processes    

EQUIP flexibly provides the tools for councils to understand and assess areas of activity on a bespoke basis, meeting your unique needs and context. 

EQUIP has carefully selected a team of experts with the proven know-how to skillfully engage with your council team to assess current activity and identify areas for improvement.

EQUIP is launching the Customer Service Level Review programme, which results in positive messages for council staff and genuine opportunities for improvements both for internally and externally facing council activity. 

Implement and improve

The service provides full value in assisting in the implementation of best practice to deliver real results in:

  • executive and leadership team support;
  • infrastructure management;
  • customer engagement and satisfaction;
  • staff satisfaction and motivation;
  • operational cost savings; and  
  • creating a culture of continuous improvement which recognises and rewards strong performance.

The offering can link to the wider EQUIP package to embed a culture of continuous improvement led from both council and the leadership team.

Key cross-team learning and development opportunities can be created for staff which will ensure council-wide support as the learning culture of improvement gets driven from the top to ensure success.   


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