Road Transportation Unit

Councils and their leadership teams manage significant assets that connect communities in essential ways.  

EQUIP’s Road Transportation Unit (RTU) provides councillors, chairs, and mayors with the knowledge that their council is delivering best practice in activity management planning under the ONRC framework.

EQUIP’s Road Transportation Unit 

A key part of the offering is to work with both governance and management to assess strengths and support continuous improvement processes as councils implement transitional activity management plans.    

Working with proven roading engineers and economic modelling professionals, EQUIP has commissioned best of breed experts to support governance and management in assessing:

  • readiness to implement the ONRC;
  • infrastructure planning and activity;
  • a fit-for-purpose roading network; and
  • economic development modelling to improve the network.   

Once complete, our assessment will identify:

  • a menu of opportunities for forward support to integrate good practice;
  • additional tools and resources to assist; and
  • prioritised areas for action in transitioning to the new business as usual frameworks.

Alongside this, the RTU will be enabling peer to peer mentoring to identify and transfer emerging best practice in the sector. e-learning, webinars, and carefully selected online tools will enhance the learning opportunities ensuring genuine sector progress.    

 Excellence in activity planning processes   

EQUIP provides the tools for councils and their staff to implement new asset and activity management planning. 

EQUIP has carefully selected a team of experts with the proven know-how to skillfully engage with your council and team to assess current activity management and connect to emerging best practices.

EQUIP is launching the Road Transportation Unit which results in tools for councillors and staff to oversee the appropriate levels of investment in their roading network, delivering real value for money for the communities they serve.   

 Transitioning to sector best practice

The service provides full value in assisting in the implementation of best practice to deliver real results in:

  • infrastructure planning and management;
  • investment business case tools;
  • land-use changes;  
  • depreciation;
  • a whole of life optimisation;  
  • leveraging emerging best practice; and
  • operational cost savings. 

The offering can link to the wider EQUIP package to embed a culture of continuous improvement led by both council and the leadership team.

Learning and development opportunities will be created for staff which will ensure council-wide support as the learning culture of improvement gets driven from the top to ensure success.   

Please contact the EQUIP team for further information on 04 924 1200 or email 

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