LED Lighting Package

LED Lighting Package

EquiP is proud to introduce our LED Lighting Package to the local government sector, which brings the best systems and technologies to the widest possible council audience. 

The benefits of LED are well known in terms of longer maintenance, lower energy use and safety for citizens and customers. The EquiP offering helps councils to rapidly achieve compliant NZTA funding with a specialist business case package which is high value for money.

EquiP’s business case offering in partnership with consultant Paul Glennie will enable councils to build a compliant business case framework with intelligence that understands the demand for a technology solution that benefits smaller councils by giving them access to the same technologies that the larger metropolitan communities are receiving with a connected digital platform through their streetlights. The added benefit from this offering is the proposition of bundling procurement solutions so that smaller councils can benefit price-wise from an enlarged procurement package with access to future-proofed infrastructure.

This proven technology solution, which is available now for the first time in New Zealand nationally, will provide councils with smarter community outcomes. To access this opportunity, our immediate offering is available now, and we’re very pleased to see councils are already signing up to this package.

To get involved, email equip@lgnz.co.nz
To learn more, CLICK HERE, or watch the video below featuring Paul Glennie and EquiP Business Solutions Manager Dr Steven Finlay.

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