Governance Diagnostic Offering

EQUIP’s Governance Diagnostic Offering provides councils with a tailored programme to set the framework for high-functioning leadership, and gives council governance (and CEO) a framework to establish expectations, set priorities and monitor progress.

This Governance Diagnostic Offering includes a customised self-evaluation for councils to understand their own performance, strengths, skills, development areas and group dynamics.

The new offering provides safe and highly confidential resources for a) councils and b) individuals.

a) The offering provides rich insights on council capability, covering:

  • core functions;
  • group dynamics;
  • representative role(s); and
  • team strengths.

The insights lead to next steps for action to continue to build council strengths.

b) The offering also provides individual strengths analysis, including:

  • feedback from peers; and
  • debrief on strengths.

Councils receive a confidential capability assessment in the form of a radar chart, which aggregates expertise ranged from 1-5 across the functions and workings of Council.

How it works

The strengths-based report aggregates expertise across the following role functions:

  • Financial
  • Stakeholder
  • Regulatory
  • Strategy
  • Advocacy
  • Civic
  • Infrastructure

How to get started 

For more information on this offering, or to find out how you can get started with it, please email Dr Steven Finlay at, or phone 022 592 4124. 


Please contact the EQUIP team for further information on 04 924 1200 or email 

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