Executive Recruitment Services

Building strength, capability and excellence in our sector by placing and retaining top talent.

EQUIP executive recruitment services are dedicated to working with mayors, chairs, councils and employment committees, and are backed by our extensive local government experience and intimate knowledge of the sector. 

We deliver a complete end-to-end service based on your council’s unique needs. EQUIP

EQUIP executive recruitment methodology 

Our first step is to fully assess your needs by doing an environment scan and seeking input from key stakeholders about the attributes, skills and prior experience required from an ideal candidate.

EQUIP then creates a job description and candidate profile reflecting this strategic intent. After undertaking an initial assessment, and screening candidates to confirm suitability, motivation and fit, we present you with a summary report for each long-listed candidate, provide recommendations as appropriate and advise on next steps.

We use several assessment methodologies to help you rate an applicant’s suitability with a series of set questions about prior experience plus interview questions regarding hypothetical situations based on the specific role you are hiring for. These enable you to determine each candidate’s suitability and compare against other applicants.

EQUIP facilitates rounds of short-listed interviews, advises on post-interview assessment and follows up with candidates to seek further clarification, feedback or information as required.

Services for placement of the successful candidate typically include due diligence, psychometric testing, qualifications review, reference and criminal record checks. EQUIP can then advise on communications to council staff and media. Post-placement, EQUIP maintains contact with you and the appointee to ensure that the transition to your council is successful.

Search and selection

EQUIP considers the following selection criteria when looking at candidate applications:

  • the quality of the application;
  • previous experience including in their current role;
  • qualifications;
  • number of years in executive roles;
  • the motivation for applying to work at your council;
  • whether they have the technical skills required;
  • whether their preferred style of leadership is in line with your expectations; and
  • current and expected remuneration.


Please contact the EQUIP team for further information on 04 924 1200 or email equip@lgnz.co.nz 

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