Executive Performance Programme

Councils are multi-million dollar operations with substantial responsibilities to the communities they serve.

LGNZ believes local government staff and elected members should run the councils they are entrusted to operate with the governance skills, financial knowledge and risk management expertise of leading professionals. EQUIP has therefore designed a performance management service that will provide chief executives and senior management with the practical and intellectual tools necessary to confidently deliver effective results for New Zealand communities.

EQUIP can also work directly with your leader in an on-going mentoring capacity to provide executive support, and assist in identifying and resolving any emerging issues before they escalate.

EQUIP's executive performance programme offering

The executive performance programme delivers services that promote capability, better decision-making, effective management and strong leadership skills in participants.

Our services are backed by in-depth research into what makes effective professional leaders in the public and private sectors, supported by LGNZ’s extensive local government experience and intimate knowledge of the sector.

Services support your leader with direction and clarity, giving the council a strong basis to measure output and achievements in a healthy and productive manner. To deliver the very best value, and outcomes, we have bundled this service into an annual package that can be tailored with our wider suite of executive HR services to meet your needs.

EQUIP's service excellence

Our annual support package includes:

  • a complete review of current chief executive or senior managers’ employment agreements and performance measures;
  • EQUIP staff who work with you one-on-one to create measures and goals that are in line with the council’s strategic intent, establishing a tailored performance plan with appropriate KPIs aligned with your organisation’s needs; and
  • performance management which will be reviewed and refreshed every three months as part of EQUIP’s monitoring service.

EQUIP provides detailed feedback on:

  • performance standards highlighting strengths and development areas and suggesting action plans to improve performance;
  • a professional development programme created for your leaders that recommends training, personal development and/or mentoring for improved performance;
  • current sector remuneration advice, substantiating annual market movement across the sector with a quartile scale based on similar sized councils in New Zealand; and
  • up to three visits a year to meet with the participant, mayor or council committee as well as unlimited telephone or Skype support for any confidential and general employment guidance.

In the event that an employment-related matter escalates, we are experienced in supporting councils by providing assistance as early as possible to resolve the issue. To support this process we have access to specialist external professionals who we can engage on the Council’s behalf to support you.

Additional performance management services

We can also facilitate other services on your behalf including:

  • 360° feedback;
  • access to expertise in:
    • specialised conflict or dispute resolution;
    • legal opinion or legal assistance to your council;
    • co-ordination of health and stress-related care; and
    • coaching – professional assistance on key competencies specialist advice in local government employment processes.



Please contact the EQUIP team for further information on 04 924 1200 or email equip@lgnz.co.nz 

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