Council Strategy Workshop

Strategy plays a key role in setting your council's direction, building your council's culture, helping transmit that culture through the whole organisation, and defining priorities for community outcomes.

EquiP's Council Strategy Workshop can deliver powerful results in your improvement journey, with a special focus on the delivery of customer outcomes.  The value of this workshop will help you, at the governance level, to focus and prioritise around the outputs you seek to develop, as well as aid you in setting tangible goals to help drive your culture to success throughout your term in office. 

EquiP Principals

We've gathered some of the most experienced principals in the local government sector - principals who possess deep knowledge of governance and senior management delivery - to help councils shape their stratrgic framework. 

EquiP's Process of Strategic Planning

The journey of strategic planning starts with setting values.  In an interactive session, we facilitate the construction of the values that you'd like to see around the council table.  Following this, we will help you determine how your aspirations can translate into council gains.  We will also support you in defining and strengthening your relationship with your council and your community.  EquiP will then work with you to turn this vision into an empowering statement of belief that builds buy-in through your council and outwards to your community.  

Finally, EquiP's best-of-breed experts will enable you to build towards creating an inclusive community vision so your constituents understand where your council is going, the journey that you're on, and in turn, raise your value to the community through a succinct and articulate document that summarises your council's term - something your community can believe in. To hear a more thorough explanation of EquiP's Council Strategy Workshop, presented by EquiP Business Solutions Manager, Dr Steven Finlay, click here.

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