EquiP is very pleased to announce a new EquiP/AskYourTeam partnership, which provides councils with a revolutionary way to help transform organisation and leadership performance. AskYourTeam unleashes the full potential of people within the organisation.

A tool to drive success

The tool uses surveys and analytics to inform council executives what their people think about the drivers of success in their organisation, and most importantly, how to improve them. The results are instantaneous and easy to interpret, showing leaders where to focus their attention and where to celebrate.

Best of all, the survey can be repeated anytime, allowing leaders to immediately measure the effectiveness of their actions. It provides council leaders with an ongoing flow of insights across all factors of the business, to best inform decision-making and identify areas of the organisation that need attention. For staff, it creates a culture of involvement within individual council teams.

Leadership support has a big impact on a council’s performance. Engaged employees collaborate more with their leadership team, feel increasingly empowered to put forward innovative ideas and have higher productivity levels.

Get to know the EquiP/AskYourTeam partnership here.

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A perfect partner

CEO of AskYourTeam, Chris O’Reilly says the system is a perfect partner for LGNZ’s vision for excellence and shows the organisation’s commitment to its mission and values to create high-performing New Zealand councils.

“The system brings about essential two-way communication that will not only create happier workplaces, but increase performance levels that will ultimately be felt by the New Zealand community,” O'Reilly says.

AskYourTeam is available through EquiP to councils across New Zealand right now!

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Visit the AskYourTeam website here.

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