EQUIP Consulting delivers tailored services, best practice guidance, business solutions, governance and management support to strengthen the sector.

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Councils are multi-million dollar operations with substantial responsibilities to the communities they serve. LGNZ believes local government staff and elected members should run councils they are entrusted to operate with the governance skills, financial knowledge, and risk management expertise of leading professionals.

EQUIP works directly with council staff, mayors, and elected members to provide customized guidance and tools to drive better efficiency of action and effect throughout local government activities.

Executive Recruitment Services

Our Executive Recruitment Services builds excellence in our sector by placing and retaining top talent.  

Executive Performance

The Executive Performance Programme delivers services that promote effective management and strong leadership in participants and is backed by in-depth research into what makes effective professional leaders in the public and private sectors. 

Governance Diagnostic Offering

We have designed the Governance Diagnostic Offering to give your council a tailored programme to set the framework for high-functioning leadership and give Council governance a framework to establish expectations, set priorities, and monitor progress.

Service Level Review

EQUIP's Service Level Review provides you with an external health check to determine whether your council is operating to standards of best practice in critical areas and that opportunities for development and improvement are being fully realised. 

Road Transportation Unit

EQUIP’s Road Transportation Unit (RTU) provides councillors, chairs, and mayors with the knowledge that their council is delivering best practice in activity management planning under the ONRC framework.

EQUIP is a limited partnership, wholly owned by LGNZ, that operates as a commercially sustainable venture for the benefit of members to up-skill the sector through a collaborative knowledge sharing approach.

If you have any questions regarding the EQUIP programme, please contact:

Scott Necklen
Deputy Chief Executive Commercial
Local Government New Zealand
DDI 04 924 1210 M 029 924 1210


Please contact the EQUIP team for further information on 04 924 1200 or email