2019 Elected Member Induction

2019 elected member induction

EquiP's Elected Member Induction Programme consists of five phases.

Phase 1 (attract the right people) - Candidate Preparation Video Series

To develop a high-performing council you need to start by getting great people to stand in the local election. In this first phase, EquiP is interested in ensuring people make the right decision about standing. And if they do stand, that they have a good understanding and realistic expectations of what an elected governance role is, so that they can start off their governance journey on the right foot. This was achieved through a series of local government introductory videos, produced by EquiP for councils, that they then posted on their websites and marketing to their community. 

Phase 2 (local induction) - Best Practice Sharing

Standing and winning the election is just the beginning of your journey. During the second phase, you need to get up to speed on how your council works, and your role in the system as a governor of a territorial authority or regional council. That's why EquiP created 'The Local Induction Toolkit', a set of planning processes and templates provided by EquiP to support councils in running an effective induction programme for elected members, helping them to help you get up to speed and contribute effectively.

Phase 3 (national induction) - Induction Workshops

For information on the 2019 Elected Member Induction Workshops, click here.

Phase 4 (the essentials) - Digital Training Series

For more information on The Essentials Series of digital modules, click here.

Phase 5 (governance excellence) - Governance Excellence Programme

For more information on the Governance Excellence Programme, click here.

GROW Handbook

The GROW Handbook is available in hard copy and PDF format and provides a substantial pool of information to give you all the basics of being an effective elected member. If you haven't booked your copy of the handbook yet, please email equip.pd@lgnz.co.nz. For more details click here.

Elected Member Induction Prospectus

EquiP’s 2019 Induction Programme has been intentionally designed to bring your elected members up to speed quickly and effectively on all the latest developments and thinking in the governance space. The entire programme can be viewed in our 2019 Elected Member Induction Prospectus.

Click here for our 2019 Elected Member Induction Prospectus

The Value of Induction