EquiP is LGNZ's Centre of Excellence.

We deliver tailored services, best practice guidance, business solutions, and governance and management support to strengthen the local government sector.

DotDotDash Suite

Dot Loves Data is working in partnership with LGNZ to provide territorial authorities with relevant and timely information about the performance of their communities.  We have built a suite of interactive and dynamic dashboards that provide monthly, aggregated data on how your community is performing and changing over time.

Curious to see exactly what a Dot Dashboard looks like and how it works? Try our free 14-day trial!

On-going subscriptions are available which allow for three licences per subscription. As part of our partnership with Dot, we have negotiated for smaller councils to partner in groups of threes to share licences and reduce the cost. Please contact us if you would like a quote to secure a subscription and/or to express your interest in sharing a licence.

Consultancy Services

EquiP Consultancy offers a range of bespoke services to drive efficiency and effect in the local government sector.

Executive Recruitment Services

Our Executive Recruitment Services builds excellence in our sector by placing and retaining top talent. EquiP has also entered a partnership with Rothley for the provision of executive search and recruitment services targeting management roles. We want to ensure you have the best team to serve your community.  

Executive Performance

The Executive Performance Programme delivers services that promote effective management and strong leadership in participants and is backed by in-depth research into what makes effective professional leaders in the public and private sectors. 

Service Level Review

EquiP's Service Level Review provides you with an external health check to determine whether your council is operating to standards of best practice in critical areas and that opportunities for development and improvement are being fully realised. 

Road Transportation Unit

EquiP’s Road Transportation Unit (RTU) provides councillors, chairs and mayors with the knowledge that their council is delivering best practice in activity management planning under the ONRC framework.


AskYourTeam provides councils with a revolutionary way to help transform organisation and leadership performance. AskYourTeam unleashes the full potential of people within the organisation.

Audit and Risk

EquiP's Audit and Risk Service provides mayors, chairs, chief executives, chief financial officers and senior management with the peace of mind that the right people and processes are in place to effectively monitor and report on audit and risk. 

Professional Development

EquiP offers a range of professional development services specifically designed by LGNZ.

As an elected member, you've been chosen to look after the well-being of your local community and help manage local resources and assets.  Our professional development services offer new insights into key areas of local government and will help you make the right decisions for your community.


EquiPTV is an online platform of digital training activities and tools which gives you the ability to learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere through on-demand webinars, development videos, online learning modules and digital consulting tools.

Live Webinars

EquiP’s Live Webinars give you the flexibility and freedom to participate in our live webinars from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere with a working computer and wi-fi. Group participation in these webinars is also highly encouraged.

On-Demand Webinars

EquiP’s On-Demand Webinar option allows you to view our webinars anytime, anywhere.  You’ll also receive access to your own personal development space, where you can review material and hone your skills.


We run engaging, interactive Workshops across the country.  In addition, we run in-house, own-council training sessions. These own-council workshops allow you to focus on your council's issues and reduce travel expenses.

Online Learning Modules

EquiP’s Online Learning Modules are interactive and on-demand.  They enable you to learn at your own pace and offer confidential feedback so you know where you need to improve.

Development Videos

EquiP’s Development Videos give you access to sector experts going in-depth on relevant topics to help you master your skills and excel in your role.

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For access to any of EquiP's on-demand webinars, development videos, online learning modules, or to register for a workshop, please email equip.pd@lgnz.co.nz