Advocacy and Policy

Jason Krupp

Deputy Chief Executive

Jason leads the advocacy and policy as a Deputy Chief Executive.  He is a policy, media and advocacy professional, with two decades of experience in business and financial reporting, public…

Grace Hall

Policy Manager

Grace joined LGNZ in July 2017 as a Policy Advisor with a focus on environmental and social policy issues, and returned in October 2021 as Policy Manager.

Grace has a Bachelor…

Dr Mike Reid

Principal Policy Advisor

Mike has been employed at LGNZ since 1996 during which time he has worked in a diverse range of policy areas including local governance, elected member development, legislative change, social…

Benno Blaschke

Principal Policy Advisor

Benno has joined LGNZ in April 2020 following his work at the Treasury and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development focused on urban economics, infrastructure funding and financing and…

Sean Gillespie

Media/Public Affairs Manager

Sarah McLean

Team Coordinator

Sarah McLean joined Team Support at LGNZ in January 2020. Previously Sarah was self-employed helping small trade businesses with their admin and accounts, largely streamlining processes and making systems more…