107,0000+ motor caravanning New Zealanders call the NZMCA home.


The NZMCA's goal is to be the foremost authority on all things Motor Caravanning in New Zealand.

Company Overview

The NZMCA is a membership based organisation representing the interests of private motor caravan owners in New Zealand. Members receive benefits including, but not limited to, discounts on services and products, free and low cost overnight sites, a dedicated insurance scheme and a range of handy publications.

Fellowship, camaraderie, and information sharing are also valued attributes.

General Information

An ever-increasing number of New Zealanders are acting on their attraction to the motor caravan lifestyle. In 1990, the NZMCA’s membership numbered just 1,700 nationwide. Today, NZMCA represents over 58,000 family groups (over 107,000 individual members) nationwide.

Useful Numbers

  • Over 107,000: NZMCA active members;
  • 34,966: current number of motor caravans registered in New Zealand;
  • Over 50,000: current number of motor homes & caravans registered as being owned by NZMCA members;
  • $211 million: annual member expenditure while traveling on the road; and
  • $650 million: what domestic and international motorhome tourists pour into the national economy annually.

NZMCA phone: 09 298 5466

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