Sector groups

Each council is a member of one of four sector groups - metropolitan, regional, provincial, or rural. Each sector is represented on LGNZ's National Council. Sector groups are made up as follows:

Some exceptions exist through specific requests from councils.  

The purpose of sector groups, as set out in the LGNZ constitution, is to act as an electoral college for the appointment of National Council representatives.

The sector representatives are elected every three years with the term reflecting the local body elections triennium.

Each sector group develops their own set of priority issues which are addressed, with assistance from LGNZ, with the objective of simultaneously pursuing the particular interests of each sector and the general interests of local government.  

All sectors regularly meet as follows:

  • The Metro Sector meets four times per year;
  • The Rural and Provincial Sectors' meet three times per year; and
  • The Regional Sector, including the four unitary councils, meet four times a year. 

The dates for sector meetings can be found on the LGNZ Events Calendar.