Jason Krupp 003 Web

Jason Krupp

Deputy Chief Executive Advocacy

Jason leads the advocacy, policy, communications and stakeholder functions as its Deputy Chief Executive Advocacy.  He is a policy, media and advocacy professional, with two decades of experience in business…
Mike 2017 12 08 MT 0231 PREFERRED

Dr Mike Reid

Principal Policy Advisor

Mike has been employed at LGNZ since 1996 during which time he has worked in a diverse range of policy areas including local governance, elected member development, legislative change, social…
Clare 7 preferred

Clare Wooding

Principal Policy Advisor

Clare began working at LGNZ in December of 2009. She provides advice, sector advocacy and stakeholder management in the key area of the Resource Management Act review and its implementation.…
LGNZ 2019 Philip Shackleton 04 PREFERRED

Philip Shackleton

Principal Policy Advisor

Philip is a member of LGNZ’s Advocacy Team. He leads LGNZ’s China engagement programme, which includes the ongoing delivery and development of the New Zealand China Mayoral Forum. He is…
Daniel Webster 006 PREFERRED Web

Daniel Webster

Senior Communications Advisor

Daniel joined LGNZ as a Communications Advisor in April 2018. He has a focus on media management, member communications and social media. Daniel has a background in content strategy and…
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Benno Blaschke

Principal Policy Advisor

Benno has joined LGNZ in April 2020 following his work at the Treasury and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development focused on urban economics, infrastructure funding and financing and…
John Stewart 03 PREFERRED

John Stewart

Senior Advisor

John started at LGNZ in August 2020.  Before joining he worked at the New Zealand Commerce Commission on national and international competition law advocacy and at the Ministry of Business…