Governance Development Programme

Governance Development Programme

In 2017 National Council decided to provide an opportunity for young elected members (YEM) to develop their governance expertise and experience through a governance development programme that would involve attendance at and participation in National Council meetings.

The third year of the GDP runs from April 2020 – April 2021 and will provide the chosen YEM with the opportunity to participate in and gain an understanding of how LGNZ’s overarching governance group, National Council, works. YEM participating in the Governance Development Programme can expect to:

  • Gain valuable experience by sitting at the LGNZ board table for 12 months, including gaining insight into the strategic matters and policy issues that LGNZ’s key governing body deals with;
  • Further develop knowledge of governance structures and processes and enhance governance, meeting participation and discussion skills;
  • Gain transferable skills and expertise that will enable them to be more effective around their own council, community board or local board table; and
  • Build relationships with other members of National Council.

Exposure to a diversity of opinion and experience is important and National Council is looking forward to welcoming a Young Elected Member around the table.

Applications for the Programme are now open and the Governance Development Programme will commence in April 2020.

Application form

To download a copy of the programme brochure and application form click here.

Key dates
  • Application due date 28 February 2020
  • National Council decision 20 March 2020
  • GDP commences 1 April 2020
  • First National Council meeting 15 May 2020
More information

For further information and to submit a completed application form, please email Raquel Brandt-Partridge, LGNZ Team Support or phone 04 924 1213.