The Policy Advisory Group (PAG) is made up of 17 members appointed by National Council.

The Policy Advisory Group (PAG) will focus on policy matters relating to the economic, environmental, social, and cultural well-being of New Zealand and its communities.

The PAG will include 16 members which will include a balance of elected members and senior council officers. This group will consider policy around issues like water, climate change and housing.  

The current members of the Policy Advisory Group are:

  • Richard Kempthorne, Mayor, Tasman District Council (Chair);
  • Stuart Crosby, Vice President, LGNZ and Councillor, Bay of Plenty Regional Council;
  • Ana Coffey, Councillor, Porirua City Council;
  • Bob Simcock, Councillor, Waikato Regional Council;
  • Jane Nees, Deputy Chair, Bay of Plenty Regional Council;
  • Janet Holborow, Deputy Mayor, Kapiti Coast District Council;
  • Jenny Brash, Councillor, Greater Wellington Regional Council;
  • John Forbes, Mayor, Opotiki District Council;
  • Lan Pham, Councillor, Environment Canterbury;
  • Michael Meehan, Chief Executive, West Coast Regional Council;
  • Paula Southgate, Councillor, Hamilton City Council;
  • Penny Pirrit, Director Regulatory Services, Auckland Council;
  • Piri-Hira Tukapua, Councillor, Horowhenua District Council;
  • Richard Hills, Councillor, Auckland Council; and
  • Simon Markham, Manager Strategy and Engagement, Waimakariri District Council;
  • Bill Bayfield, Chief Executive, Environment Canterbury