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The solution to document distribution

It’s time for councils to embrace the cloud

If you’ve ever sighed in frustration while searching through stacks of paper, email attachments or iPad apps to find that elusive document – or struggled to figure out which version of a document colleagues are referring to – then you’ve probably wished for a simple solution.

The team at Stellar Library has developed an innovative cloud-based tool that allows you to control the flow of sensitive information, while ensuring staff, board members, and anyone else in your group, are actually reading the documents you send.

Simply Intuitive. Simply Reliable. Simply Secure.

Stellar Library is an intuitive, reliable and secure mobile content delivery system designed for councils, boards, and all organisations that share documents. Simply put, it allows users to manage documents across a group of tablets, with complete control over who can access each file and whether printing or sharing is allowed.

This user-friendly solution keeps all documents backed up and stored exactly where you left them – so you never have to worry about misplacing important files. Plus, it’s a built-in pdf app, video player and more – so you can send all of the standard document formats to your colleagues with confidence.

How it works:

Stellar Library allows a ‘Librarian’ (the person in charge of the documents) to create your organisation’s file library and quickly publish all or part of it to ‘Readers’ (directors, boards, colleagues) who access the files on their tablet app.

The Library Manager runs on any browser on PC, Mac or laptop. It’s as simple as logging in to the website, creating folders and uploading your documents onto the virtual bookshelf.

Stellar Library’s General Manager - Acquisitions, Dave Andrew, believes their versatile tool will help councils around New Zealand to perform tasks more efficiently, while at the same time reducing costs on staff time, paper and courier deliveries.

“We believe that most organisations are looking at how they can progress to a paperless environment but have concerns about the control and flexibility of the information they manage. This tool we have created is simple and costs less than two cups of coffee a month. There are no long-term licences, agreements or hefty install costs. It’s all about the convenience of knowing you can secure your information for very little investment,” said Mr Andrew.

Stellar Library features:

Ultimate control
Modify or remove documents from selected readers and their tablets are instantly updated to reflect these changes.

The power to delegate
Delegate assistant librarians whose abilities are restricted to adding and removing documents only – so the power to control everything else remains in your hands.

Reader statistics and read receipt
Monitor real time usage of individual documents – so you can ensure they are being read.

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Date updated: 5 November 2015