2019 LGNZ Conference 

This year LGNZ's annual conference and EXCELLENCE Awards will be held in Wellington from 7-9 July 2019.

The 2019 conference theme is "Riding the localism wave: Putting communities in charge". It's about communities and empowering them to take charge of their social, economic, environmental and culture well-being through localism.  This is a global concept reshaping governments around the world, recognising that best outcomes are a result of local people making local decisions about the places they live.

In spite of our highly centralised governance political system, examples of localism abound in New Zealand.  The conference will focus on these best practice examples, and how we apply the lessons from these examples to how communities, local government and central government engage with each other.

Approximately 600 delegates are expected to attend, such as mayors, chairs, chief executives, councillors and senior management from New Zealand's councils, along with key players from the private sector, business, government and non government agencies.

Click here to visit the conference website containing programme, social functions, accommodation and registration information.



The LGNZ EXCELLENCE Awards are designed to showcase council projects, programmes and people who have made a real impact in local communities.

These prestigious awards will be presented at the black tie Fulton Hogan conference dinner and LGNZ EXCELLENCE Awards function on Monday 8 July 2019.

The Awards recognise and celebrate excellent performance by councils in promoting and growing the well-being of their communities.  Award information and award criteria are here.

2019 LGNZ Conference

The 2019 LGNZ annual conference and EXCELLENCE Awards was held in Wellington from 7-9 July 2019.

2018 LGNZ Conference

The 2018 LGNZ conference and EXCELLENCE Awards were held in Christchurch from 15-17 July 2018.

2017 LGNZ Conference

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