National Council Committees

To guide best practice governance, the Local Government New Zealand National Council has appointed ten committees in place. 

  • Governance and Strategy

    The Governance and Strategy Advisory Group (GSAG) is made up of 15 members appointed by National Council.

  • Policy

    The Policy Advisory Group (PAG) is made up of 17 members appointed by National Council.

  • Audit and Risk Committee

    The Audit and Risk Committee assists the National Council of Local Government New Zealand in fulfilling Board responsibilities relating to the management systems, accounting and reporting practices of the LGNZ.

  • Chief Executives Forum

    The purpose of the Chief Executives Forum is to assist the National Council and Advisory Groups in their deliberations and to give chief executives a dedicated pathway to ensure that LGNZ strategy and positioning is considered and tested at the senior management level.

  • Te Maruata

    Te Maruata, the Māori Committee, is a sub-committee of the National Council of LGNZ.

  • CBEC

    The Community Boards Executive Committee (CBEC) represents all the community boards in New Zealand. It is an advisory committee to LGNZ's National Council. 

  • Young Elected Members

Date updated: June 23, 2017 at 3:06 AM