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New CouncilMARK™ report drills into Dunedin City Council performance

February 26, 2019

Dunedin City Council is the latest local authority to receive a CouncilMARK™ report from the programme’s Independent Assessment Board (IAB), which has identified an organisation that has overcome legacy financial...

CouncilMARK™ report: New Plymouth facing unique challenges

March 5, 2019

A CouncilMARK™ report issued for New Plymouth District Council says that while the region has experienced relative prosperity and growth, changes to the economy of New Zealand’s ‘energy capital’ may...

CouncilMARK™ report delivers ‘A’ grade to small council doing big things

March 13, 2019

The Independent Assessment Board which oversees CouncilMARK™, the local government excellence programme, has today awarded Hauraki District Council with an A rating, citing stand out performance in governance, strategy and...

The programme

The CouncilMARK™ programme is best described as a measure of performance assessment and continuous improvement that assists councils to deliver top service and value to their communities.

CouncilMARK™ incorporates an independent assessment system that assesses how councils are performing and the value they are delivering.  Councils receive an overall performance rating from a team of independent assessors and commentary on their performance. 

The four programme priorities

The four priorities areas for CouncilMARK™ are:

  • excellence in governance, leadership and strategy;
  • excellence and transparency in financial decision-making;
  • excellence in service delivery and asset management; and
  • strong engagement with the public and businesses.

CouncilMARK™ rewards robust decision-making, promotes a more responsive council culture, improved services and better communication.

The provision and communication of the performance assessment “rating” is not the end-game, rather the focus is on a long-term lift in council and sector outcomes, performance and reputation.

To view the latest CouncilMARK™ Prospectus, please click here.

A cycle of continuous improvement

CouncilMARK™ is cycle of continuous improvement. Councils and communities share information and input into decisions that over time will lead to more united plans, actions and achievements.

The programme rewards councils who actively involved their communities in information and decisions. As such, maintaining customer-focus becomes embedded in council objectives and culture. Councils will be offered tools, services, best practice, shared experiences and other assistance to help them fully transform to a more customer-focused organisation, with improved performance and outcomes.

CouncilMARK programme Infographic LGNZ updated version6

A robust performance assessment framework

The CouncilMARK™ programme incorporates a set of performance measurement principles, an over-arching performance framework and a set of underlying performance indicators that will guide the team of independent assessors.

The four priority areas were derived from public and business feedback from the New Zealand Local Government Survey 2015.

LGNZ worked with Cameron Partners to develop indicators for each priority area contained with an overall performance “system” that:

  • enable a current state and gap analysis assessment for councils;
  • provide a grading in each area; and
  • lead to an overall publicly available rating.

To view the latest Performance Assessment Framework, please click here.