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February 26, 2019

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CouncilMARK™ report: New Plymouth facing unique challenges

March 5, 2019

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CouncilMARK™ report delivers ‘A’ grade to small council doing big things

March 13, 2019

The Independent Assessment Board which oversees CouncilMARK™, the local government excellence programme, has today awarded Hauraki District Council with an A rating, citing stand out performance in governance, strategy and...

New CouncilMARK™ reports show councils are on track to improve performance

Published: October 31, 2018

The latest reports of local government excellence programme CouncilMARK™ have been released today for Central Hawke’s Bay District Council and Tararua District Council. All reports and more information on CouncilMARK™ can be found here.

Central Hawke’s Bay District Council’s CouncilMARK™ report acknowledges that the Council went through a significant change after the last election and that, while there had been a long period of previous under-investment, the appointment of a new Mayor and CE has resulted in strong leadership with good consultation processes. The report also says that while the Council faces challenges to deliver fit-for-purpose infrastructure strategies and asset management plans, it is aware of its gaps and shortcomings, and is working to improve in these areas.

Tararua District Council’s CouncilMARK™ report shows the council has good financial management in place, which has enabled them to be innovative in their approach to the challenge of a declining population. The report also says that the Council needs more structured thinking and cohesiveness with a clearer strategy for medium term goals, and that while they have a strong employee base, the council needs to implement an HR strategy and further develop its people through training and professional development.

CouncilMARK™ was launched in August 2016 with 18 councils signed up for the inaugural year. These reports are the twenty-second and twenty-third reports to be released.

Each of the 23 reports released to date reflect the different issues and circumstances faced by councils but common findings highlight the linkage between sound governance, overall performance and prudent financial planning across the sector.

Reports also identified councils’ focus on improvement through stronger training for elected members and embedding stronger compliance monitoring and enforcement for environmental issues.

LGNZ President Dave Cull says CouncilMARK™ offers councils and communities an independent assessment of how a council is performing, including areas of excellence and where it could find improvements.

“CouncilMARK™ provides incredibly valuable information that can help councils with how they operate, what they’re getting right and where they could afford to put greater energy. And it gives communities the same information, allowing them an independent view of the work their local councils are doing,” Mr Cull says.

“I congratulate Central Hawke’s Bay District Council and Tararua District Council for showing leadership by joining the CouncilMARK™ excellence programme and on the completion of their first assessment.”

“As a sector we understand we need to constantly show and grow our performance, and CouncilMARK™ offers an excellent opportunity to work towards that. LGNZ congratulates all councils to have participated in the programme so far and looks forward to the participation of all remaining councils.”