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Pacific TA programme goes to Vanuatu

The first PacificTA assignments in Vanuatu were completed in November 2013.

Anne Rocard, Group Manager for Human Resources at Central Hawkes Bay District Council, has been assisting provincial government in Vanuatu with developing a human resources practice.  The Council Chief Executive, John Freeman, said “Vanuatu is looking at ways to ensure consistency of Human Resources development plans across the country so that people training with various provincial governments are all at the same level".  John is very supportive of staff wishing to undertake PacificTA work.

Tararua District Council was also part of the programme in Vanuatu working with Port Vila Municipal Council on rates systems and Luganville Municipal Council on public private partnerships. A number for areas for future collaboration were identified including property valuation and rating and waste management. 

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Photo: Blair King, Chief Executive, Tararua District Council (left) and Peter Sakita, Chief Executive, Luganville Municipal Council (right)


Date updated: 23 June 2017