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Freedom camping

Model bylaw

The New Zealand Motor Caravan Association commissioned ChenPalmer to draft a Model Freedom Camping Bylaw.  LGNZ engaged Simpson Grierson to review the model bylaw as it was being drafted.  The draft was amended to reflect the advice from Simpson Grierson and LGNZ is now happy to endorse the Model Freedom Camping Bylaw.  We hope you find it useful.  It is located here:

Model Freedom Camping Bylaw 

Guidance material for territorial authorities about using regulation 14(1) of the Camping-Grounds Regulations 1985

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The document below, updated in December 2012, provides guidance for local authorities on the Freedom Camping Act 2011.

Updated guidance document

Legal opinions

Simpson Grierson Legal Review - "A Guide to Freedom Camping Bylaws under the Freedom Camping Act 2011."

The New Zealand Motor Caravan Association Inc commissioned ChenPalmer to write a guidance document for councils on the Freedom Camping Act 2011. This has been provided to councils by the Association.

LGNZ commissioned Simpson Grierson to review the ChenPalmer guidance and we advise councils using the ChenPalmer guidance to do so in conjunction with the legal review.

Simpson Grierson legal opinion"Further Freedom Camping Issues"

This opinion considers a number of matters including the relationship between a by-law made under the Local Government Act 2002, the intent of the Freedom Camping Act and the assessment required by section 11 of the Freedom Camping Act 2011.

Date updated: 27 February 2018