Climate change

Climate Change

Climate change poses an unprecedented level of risk to New Zealand’s natural and built environment. As the sphere of government with direct responsibility for environmental planning and regulation much of the responsibility for adaption falls to local government, however, councils cannot address these issues by themselves. A national conversation is required. Councils can also play an important role in mitigation by working with their communities to reduce emissions.

To be effective, climate adaptation will require a diverse range of actions and policy approaches.

Responding to the challenges posed by rising sea levels requires a consistent information base, innovative solutions and dialogue to agree on funding options. To that end, local government sees a critical need for proactive collaboration between central and local government, and between city, district and regional councils.

Local Government Leaders’ Climate Change Declaration

In 2015, Mayors and Chairs of New Zealand declared an urgent need for responsive leadership and a holistic approach to climate change. We, the Mayors and Chairs of 2017, wholeheartedly support that call for action.  To view the declaration click here.

Local government position statement on climate change

Local government recognises a critical need for proactive collaboration between central and local government, and between city, regional, unitary and district councils which recognises the different mandates and roles for climate change responses. We will work together with our communities. To view the position statement click here.

LGNZ climate change project

Local Government New Zealand has launched a project to help mitigate climate change better prepare New Zealand for its inevitable impacts.  To view the climate change project outline, click here.

Date updated: 25 January 2018