CouncilMARK local government excellence programme

Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ) has embarked on a new local government excellence programme, CouncilMARK, designed to improve the public's knowledge of the work councils are doing in their communities and to support individual councils to further improve the value they provide to all New Zealanders.

For further information visit the CouncilMARK programme website.

CouncilMARK is underpinned by significant research commissioned by LGNZ, including the New Zealand Local Government Survey of 3,000 citizens and businesses released in May 2015.  This provided vital country-wide insights into New Zealanders’ perceptions of local government.

CouncilMARK will encourage councils to consider incentives for growing a culture of performance and includes a strong focus on fiscal strength and financial management.

The four proposed priorities of CouncilMARK are:

  • excellence in governance, leadership and strategy;
  • excellence and transparency in financial decision-making;
  • excellence in service delivery and asset management; and
  • strong engagement with the public and businesses.



Date updated: 25 October 2017