Award categories

Award categories

The Community Board Best Practice Awards have a range of categories that reflect the diversity of the work community boards undertake. The categories below are for the 2017 Best Practice Awards.

The 2017 categories are:  


The Judges are looking for a community board which has, exercising its leadership mandate, made an improvement to its community.  This could involve:

  • a successful advocacy campaign resulting in beneficial change;
  • partnering with one or more agency to improve local services; and
  • utilising local papers or social media  to successfully address a local issue.
Enhancing Communities

The Judges are looking for a project, programme or initiative which has been funded, commissioned and/or led by a community board which has enhanced the quality of life and/or environment of their community.  Projects, for example, which may have:

  • contributed to harmonious relationships and stronger community networks;
  • developed local or neighbourhood amenities; and
  • strengthened local cultural identity
Engaging Communities

The Judges are looking for a project or initiative in which a community Board has taken an innovative approach to consultation and engagement.  This can involve:

  • initiatives taken to promote community feedback on a consultation exercise,  such as an annual plan, long term plan or a specific community board initiative
  • approaches for engaging with local organisations, such as Maori organisations, business associations and community organisations.
  • Initiatives in which a board has successfully increased the participation of groups within their communities that have traditionally been under-represented in local affairs, such as young people and new residents.
Supreme Winner

In addition, from each of these categories CBEC will select an overall winner, which will reflect the project or initiative that is the most innovative and resulted in the greatest community value.  The award is sponsored by EquiP which offers a one day EquiP workshop of the winners choice. The workshop will have capacity for up to a maximum of 20 persons at the workshop.


Date updated: 23 June 2017