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Community Board Executive Committee (CBEC)

What is CBEC?

The Community Board Executive Committee (CBEC) represents all the community boards in New Zealand. It is an advisory committee to Local Government New Zealand's (LGNZ) National Council. 

The committee's role to advocate in favor of community boards, advise the National Council of LGNZ, and promote best practice amongst community boards.

The CBEC meets three times a year in Wellington. As well as these meetings, each Zone representative run regular zone forums to update community board members and focus on topical issues. 

Who is in CBEC?

  • Mick Lester | CBEC Chair & Zone 3 Representative | Hastings Rural Community Board Member
  • Bronwyn Hunt | CBEC Zone 1 Representative | Te Hiku Community Board
  • Wally van der Aa | CBEC Zone 2 Representative | Turangi Tongariro Community Board 
  • Christine Papps | CBEC Zone 4 Representative | Otaki Community Board
  • Melanie Coker | CBEC Zone 5 Representative | Spreydon Cashmore Community Board
  • Christine Garey | CBEC Zone 6 Representative | Otago Peninsula Community Board
  • Mick Lester2

    Mick Lester

    Chair & Zone 3 | Hastings Rural Community Board Member

    Mick has been on the Hastings Rural Community Board since 2001, when he was elected as a councillor and appointed to the Community Board as one of two Council representatives.

    He put his name forward to be the Zone 3 representative in 2010 as it seemed vital to achieve some co-ordination of boards in the zone so that they could share experiences and learn from each other. Being Chair of Community Boards Executive Committee since 2010 further enabled him to lead the Community Boards nationwide to achieve better relationships with their parent councils, a more constructive way of operating and through the zone meetings and the Community Boards Conference a chance to share experiences and achievements they have made.


  • Bronwyn Hunt

    Zone 1 | Chair, Te Hiku Community Board

  • Wally van der Aa

    Zone 2 | Chair, Turangi Tongariro Community Board

  • Christine Papps

    Zone 4 | Chair, Otaki Community Board

  • Melanie Coker

    Zone 5 | Chair, Spreydon Cashmore Community Board



  • IMG 2264coledit2low2

    Christine Garey

    Zone 6 | Otago Peninsula Community Board Member

    Christine Garey has served as a community board member for the past nine years; both as Deputy Chairperson and most recently as Chairperson of the Otago Peninsula Community Board.   
    Her background is in tourism, marketing, education and local government.  For the past year she has been actively representing the lower South Island (Zone 6) on the national executive – the Community Boards’ Executive Committee (CBEC), reinstating zone meetings and ensuring the concerns of member boards are heard at a national level.  Christine successfully led an appeal to the Local Government Commission to ensure the future of local community boards and is passionate about the value boards bring to their communities and parent councils. 
    She is committed to professional development opportunities for members and enhancing the performance of boards. As a newly elected city councillor appointed to a community board and therefore eligible to stand for CBEC, and with her extensive experience as a community board member, Christine Garey is uniquely placed to represent you on the Community Boards’ Executive Committee as the Zone 6 representative.