Embracing conflict

Aired on 27 February 2019, this webinar is now available on-demand on our EquiP TV platform.

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Duration: 2 hours approx

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Embracing Conflict - Moving through it and beyond it in the workplace

  • Need to work with a wide range of people?
  • Wish there was no conflict?
  • Wish you were able to handle it better when it happens?

Where there are people, with differing opinions, personalities, styles of communication and agendas, who work together, there will be conflict.


This webinar is all about approaching ‘conflict’ from a different angle, looking at different situations, and how new or refined skills can be applied to build healthier, happier and more productive working relationships with team members, managers, staff, customers, and stakeholders.

Managing and moving beyond conflict in the workplace is a skill set that can be learned. Like all communication skills, there are levels and layers of learning that will build upon each other, and the more a skill is practiced, the more competent individuals become on handling those difficult situations we all find ourselves in from time to time.

Learning outcomes

After this empowering and insightful webinar, you will be able to:

  • describe the power of mindset, assumptions, perspectives, and their relationship with conflict;
  • define the different levels of conflict and appropriate strategies for managing and moving forward;
  • use tips and tools for handling conflict when in the ‘hot seat’ and on the spot;
  • practice strategies for minimising recurring conflict;
  • recognise the various ‘nonverbal’ aspects to communication and how to work with those in the mix – listening, body language, tone etc; and
  • use strategies for success.

There will be a workbook, and the webinar will be practical with lots of room for interaction, questions and answers (anonymously answered).


Jen Tyson - Communications Consultant at JT Consulting



Visionary, and energetic, Jen is brilliant at teaching people how to communicate better, as managers, leaders, organizations, businesses, and within teams, helping them navigate and master the art of communication both internally and externally.

She loves the concept that we are communicating 100% of the time and the evolving challenge of helping get key messages to hit the mark, to bring about intended outcomes, improve relationships internally as well as with clients and customers, and to achieve communication objectives.

With a proven and strong history of stakeholder engagement, marketing communications, marketing channel strategy and management, communication training and coaching, Jen’s skill set is vast and has been applied to short term projects as well as the development of businesses. 

She has worked across the private sector, SME market, through to some larger Government organisations across local government. Jen has a degree in applied management, specialising in transformation and change and has worked across a multitude of businesses and sectors as a consultant for the last 18 years. 


Date updated: 1 March 2019