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Section 7 of the Local Government Act states that every council must operate as a good employer. This applies to both governors and the chief executive, who then employs the staff.

Although elected members need to delegate the appropriate level of authority to the chief executive to manage all operational matters, they retain overall responsibility for the council meeting its employment obligations.

Whether you are a governor, a CE, or a senior member of staff, you might be wondering:

  • What is a good employer?
  • How can I tell if my council is one? 
  • How do we all work effectively together for excellence?

Join us to discuss ways to be a great employer via the two-part 'Councils as Employers' webinar series brought to you by EquiP. 

These are offered to separate audiences. On 12 November for elected members and staff, and on 29 November for council CEs, HR and senior staff. Register at equip.pd@lgnz.co.nz.

1. Good Employer Governors

Purpose: To share information to achieve good governance employment relationships, which enables effective working environments.  

Audience: Elected members and staff

When: 11am, 12 November

2. Building Good Employer Councils

Purpose: To help councils identify, build and monitor good council employer behaviour.

Audience: CEs, HR and senior managers

When: 11am, 29 November


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