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Aired on 15 November 2016, this webinar is now available on-demand on our EquiP TV platform.

Please email Natasha Meynell to gain access to this on-demand webinar. 

About this webinar

The News Media Skills for Elected Members webinar, hosted by Pete Burdon, is provided free of charge to introduce you to the most common news media-related questions and concerns that elected members typically have. It will lead into a subsequent workshop which EquiP will offer in your region to support you to build the practical skills needed to effectively respond to the media. There will be a charge for this workshops. 

This webinar will visit subjects including how the changing news media landscape affects how you must deal with journalists, how to prepare for interviews in different media formats and how to avoid being quoted out of context or misquoted. We will also look at common (and uncommon) media interview traps to avoid and your options to grow your skills in dealing with the news media as an elected member. Pete will also answer your questions about the news media.

We invite your active participation in this free webinar. After the webinar, you should possess basic knowledge of what it takes to deal effectively with the news media and what further media training is available through EquiP. After the webinar, we will send you information about further media related training offered by EquiP, including workshops and other webinars and their pricing.  

Target audience

This webinar is suitable for mayors, councillors and local government staff tasked with responding to the media. 

About the presenter

Pete Burdon

Pete Burdon is the founder and head trainer of Media Training NZ and author of “Media Training for Modern Leaders”. He focuses on preparing leaders to master media interviews and face journalists with confidence in a changing media landscape. Pete’s earlier professional background is in journalism and government media management, giving him an excellent insight on both sides of the media interview. He has Master’s degrees in both Communication Management and Journalism. 

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