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Book places now for the 2016 Mayors Induction programme on 27 - 28 October 2016

The purpose of induction is to introduce elected mayors to their local government role, their key support networks and start the journey towards developing strategy and building governance excellence, as well as being an effective community leader

Programme overview

The 2016 programme provides a great opportunity to

  • build valuable networks;
  • gain insight into key strategic issues facing the sector;
  • turn tips on developing strategy and building governance excellence into your own strategic plan; and
  • assist your planning for the successful achievement of your community’s outcomes.

View the Mayors Induction workshop agenda for a detailed list of activities.


Participation in the workshop assumes a prior level of knowledge acquired via either: (if newly elected)

  • completion of a digital module to define the local government framework and their role within it. (for all elected);
  • a copy of the GROW handbook and completion of a pre-workshop exercise; and/or
  • experiential learning gained via a previous elected term.

Mayors Induction sessions

These are divided into five key areas:

  1. Introduction;
  2. Leadership;
  3. Strategy;
  4. Relationships; and
  5. Politics
Target audience

All elected mayors, both new and re-elected, who wish to reconnect with, support and learn from others to ensure a successful term ahead.

If you would like to book places for the Mayors Induction programme, please email Natasha Meynell.

Date and location

The Mayors Induction workshop will be held over two days, Thu 27/Fri 28 Oct at the Amora Hotel, Wellington.

Mayors Induction Costs

To view a full list of prices and subsequent webinar programme packages, click here.

Subsequent Webinar Series

Offered as part of the Mayors Induction Premium Package purchased at time of workshop booking.


  1. First week’s review – answering your FAQs and issues;
  2. Setting strategy – practical steps and hints and tips;
  3. Legal issues; and
  4. Finance for Mayors.

Mayors may also choose to participate in some/all of the following webinars.

Elected Members:

  1. First week’s review – answering your FAQs and issues;
  2. Explain the role of Maori in council and the community, and the benefits of partnership; and
  3. Standing orders.

Each council will also be offered a subsequent webinar programme.

A webinar series of 8 x weekly sessions to discuss and share more information referencing the GROW handbook. Participate in live discussion, ask questions and gain access to a subsequent video of the event. The topics are:

  1. Rules and regulations;
  2. Meeting procedures / Standing orders/ Chairing meetings;
  3. Decision-making;
  4. Planning and accountability;
  5. Financial management and funding;
  6. Working with the Resource Management Act 1991;
  7. Engagement and consultation; and
  8. Council performance.

Date updated: 14 October 2016