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EquiP has entered into a partnership Rothley for the provision of executive search and recruitment services targeting tier 2 and 3 management roles, as well as specialist and hard-to-fill roles.  Both EquiP and Rothley are committed to providing a value-focused, flexible and high-quality service, and are committed to fresh thinking that delivers value to LGNZ members. 

About our Partner - Introducing Rothley

Rothley Partners Ltd is a New Zealand-registered company with offices in Wellington and Auckland. Sean Brunner is Rothley’s Managing Director and he reports to the Rothley Board of Directors, which is chaired by Kevin Jenkins. Rothley is a subsidiary of professional services firm MartinJenkins and Associates Ltd, and MartinJenkins is a shareholder in Rothley.  Rothley specialises in executive search and professional recruitment. Its search consultants have an extensive track-record, both with Rothley and previous employers, in managing successful search and appointment processes for key leadership positions, in both the public and private sectors.  

Drawing on their broad executive search experience, Rothley's search consultants apply new and innovative ways to identifying, attracting and assessing top talent, and they partner with clients to ensure they can make the best appointment possible. Their quality-first approach uncovers the right people – often through unexpected channels. Rothley provides clients with bespoke services and a flexible, client-centered approach, including options for tailoring services to meet each specific requirement.  Rothley is a member of the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), the organisation that has set the standard for quality and ethics in executive search and leadership consulting worldwide. As an AESC member, Rothley commits and adheres to the AESC's industry- and government-recognised Code of Professional Practice and Standards of Excellence.

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For more information on Rothley/EquiP's recruitment services, email equip@lgnz.co.nz

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Date updated: 11 August 2017