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Economic Development and Tourism Solutions

In New Zealand an average of $37.90 is spent per head of population on tourism promotion and projects led by councils. Much of that is funded by rates. The challenge is finding alternative funding solutions from the visitor industry itself.” - David Hammond, NZ Tourism Councils Chairman, March 2016

Local government in New Zealand is spending some $140 million on tourism support, and as tourists to New Zealand increase by some 1.4 million to reach 4.5 million in 2020 that investment is set to increase. Does your council have the right level of investment, in the right structures, with the right KPIs and getting the right return on your investment to manage tourism and other economic development well?

David Hammond, along with EquiP, brings this level of analysis to your tourism and economic development programme.

Products and Services

Regional or Local Economic Development Reviews

David leads a strong team of economic development and research professionals to analyse the performance of economic development regionally or at a district or city level. The approach is a Section 17a service delivery review bedded into a broader analysis of regional performance. The product is a fit-for-purpose review with recommendations for future structure, funding, geographic area and strategic KPIs.

Tourism Investment Hot Reports

David has developed a simple format based on his sector research to determine the value for your council’s tourism investment and compare it nationally and in your population cohort. This is unique research not available anywhere else. Purchase a Hot Report for your area now at $1,250+GST by contacting equip@lgnz.co.nz. To view David's 'Tourism Spend in New Zealand Local Government 2015/16' report, click here.

Freedom Camping Strategies

David has led the development of a broad approach to Freedom Camping Strategies which he outlined in the 11 August 2016 webinar attended by 32 councils. The strategy evaluates the value from freedom camping, balanced approaches, local issues and preferences, options for dealing with the situation and a costed action plan. Check out David's slot on RNZ's Nine to Noon here.

Tourism Investment Business Case Template


David has developed a unique business case format for any council to use to build the case for either council or grant funding for tourism infrastructure. Councils can buy the product alone, use David’s team to research information, or ask David’s team to prepare the business case.

External Advisory and Peer Review Role

David advises councils on issues such as tourism accommodation rating, structures, and how to undertake reviews. He offers his skills for peer reviewing councils’ reviews, strategies and bylaws, or as an external advisor to staff or council committees.

Tourism Training

David runs workshops and webinars in New Zealand and Australia on developing successful tourism structures for councils. These workshops can range from 2-5 hours and be for staff and/or elected members. They cover a range of topics, including decisions over RTO or EDA structures, funding for RTOs and EDAs, alternative funding sources from tourists, the management of environmental effects from tourism, as well as partnerships and cultural tourism development.

Who is David Hammond? 

David Hammond6

David is one of New Zealand’s foremost council specialists in the area of tourism and highly experienced in economic development. He founded and chaired the NZ Tourism Councils Workgroup in 2015. He undertakes research and provides solutions to the local government sector, and frequently answers media and government ministres' enquiries on tourism issues.  

 David has just completed nine years as a highly successful Chief Executive of two councils in tourism areas. He has now set up a company with his wife, Jacqui Robertson Hammond (B.E Chem.), to offer his skills throughout Australasia.

Endorsement: Brett O’Riley, CEO of Auckland Tourism, Events, Economic Development, 2016

Brett ORiley

"It has been a great pleasure working with David. From my perspective, David should be very proud of what he has achieved at TCDC; the potential for the region is huge.  I am sure we will get an opportunity to work together again in the future; I certainly hope so."








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