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Executive Recruitment.pngEquiP Executive Recruitment Services builds strength, capability and excellence in our sector by placing and retaining top talent, and is backed by our extensive local government experience and intimate knowledge of the sector.

Executive Performance Programme 02EquiP Executive Performance Programme delivers services that promote capability, better decision making, effective management and strong leadership in participants, and is backed by in-depth research into what makes effective professional leaders in the public and private sectors. 

Service Level Review 02EquiP Service Level Review provides councillors, chairs and mayors with an external health check to determine whether their council is operating to standards of best practice in critical areas of activity, and that opportunities for development and improvement are being fully realised. 

Road Transportation Unit 02 02EquiP's Road Transportation Unit (RTU) provides councillors, chairs and mayors with the knowledge that their council is planning for, and delivering best practice in activity management planning and that value for money is being delivered with fit-for-purpose levels of service.


EquiP offers a range of professional development services specifically designed by LGNZ.

As an elected member, you've been chosen to look after the well-being of your local community and help manage local resources and assets.  Our professional development services offer new insights into key areas of local government and will help you make the right decisions for your community.


Workshops 02The Elected Members Induction (EMI) workshops introduce elected members to the environment and conditions they will participate in for the length of their elected term.  The 2016 EMI programme will provide one Wellington workshop for New and Re-elected Mayors, and twelve regional workshops for Elected Members.

Participants of these workshops will have the chance to network, talk to each other, share stories and interact with knowledgeable speakers in order to procure the skills they need to successfully represent their constituents for the next triennium and beyond.

Evaluation Icons 02The third year of a triennium is the perfect opportunity to leave a legacy through your framework.  The way to establish a good Audit & Risk framework going into the next term is through good practice, which is exactly what this forum offers.

Philip Jones' Audit & Risk forum will provide a framework to improve the effectiveness of an A&R Committee. This facilitated workshop will also enable councils to learn from other experiences, including from the Office of the Auditor General and other councils. 

Webinar2 02 02We have committed to the implementation of the EquiP TV digital platform and are excited about the opportunities it will bring to widen our audience and services.  Delivery methods and mediums will be chosen to best suit the intended audience’s needs.

EquiP's live and interactive webinars will provide slides and videos to look at, speakers to listen to and the opportunity to ask questions.  From the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere with a working computer and wi-fi, you can be a part of our live, interactive webinars, featuring fascinating presenters and state-of-the-art technology.  These webinars will be among the range of options on our easy-to-use EquiP TV platform, designed to suit the needs of all learners.


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Elected Members Induction (EMI) 2016

What you need to know to work effectively with local government.