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FairWay Resolution Limited is an independent, Crown-owned company providing specialist complaint management and dispute resolution services. Employing 100 staff in offices in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch and a further 190 contractors throughout New Zealand, FairWay has the capacity to deliver effective, tailored services to local government.

FairWay handles over 10,000 disputes each year — of all kinds and all levels of complexity, including medical, insurance, financial services, telecommunications, real estate and family. Its local government dispute resolution experience underpins its conflict management expertise in all part of the conflict management cycle — prevention, management, resolution and analysis of conflict.

FairWay offers a comprehensive range of conflict management services and continues to invest in conflict management capability to ensure it provides an independent and fair process for all customers.

FairWay is focussed on developing relationships with key partners and clients in the private and commercial sectors. The value that FairWay can add to these sectors is in reducing the cost of doing business by helping clients to better understand conflicts, help them build capacity to manage and prevent them, and where necessary, assist in resolving them in an independent and fair manner.

The Minister’s expectations of the FairWay are very clear — to contribute to the Government’s Business Growth Agenda (BGA) to support business and help create a more productive and competitive economy. This also aligns with the Local Government Act’s intention to develop more effective and efficient councils.

Fairway has identified local government as a sector positioned to transform itself. FairWay believes it can play a significant role in building capability in some critical areas. For that reason, FairWay has recruited Jenny Rowan former Mayor of Kapiti who is an experienced Environment Court mediator to lead this work.

FairWay will work through LGNZ to help councils better manage conflict that is slowing down productivity, achievement of outcomes and damaging public trust.

FairWay will help:

  • Build capability in councils by offering tailored conflict management training for local government;
  • Improve interactions with the community by helping councils manage daily domestic complaints;
  • Resolve RMA disputes earlier by providing you with experienced, professional mediators who know local government and the RMA – at a much lower cost than litigation; and
  • By providing conflict coaching and strategies to resolve conflict between colleagues and external stakeholders that improves productivity and relationships.

FairWay is confident that more frequent use of conflict management services will result in an overall improvement in the performance and reputation of local government. 

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Date updated: 5 November 2015